Bookbinding sites of interest

Bookbinding has a long and interesting history. Major collections of the art down the centuries are held at the following libraries and examples can be viewed online.

Contemporary bookbinding is still very much alive and several of the library collections include examples of the best bookbinders working today.

The British Library 

This site also contains a major database of bookbindings.

The National Library of the Netherlands

The National Library of Scotland
The Library’s digital section displays examples of Scottish decorative bookbindings.

The Library also runs the annual Elizabeth Soutar Bookbinding Competition for contemporary bookbinders. Images of the entries are displayed.

The Designer Bookbinders society represents contemporary bookbinders and organises an annual competition to showcase the talent available across the UK. Each year several top bookbinders are commissioned to realise a binding of each of the Booker prize nominees.

The Society of Bookbinders is dedicated to traditional bookbinding and to the preservation and conservation of the printed and written word.