Bookbinding suppliers

I use a variety of suppliers for specific materials used in new bindings, restoration and repair work.

Harmatan Leather Ltd produces the finest quality vegetable tanned goatskins from free range and fairly traded goats from northern Nigeria. The emphasis in these leathers is on the beautiful natural grains and the time honoured quality of their tannage. Both in Nigeria and England the production method is individual and craft-based.

J. Hewit and Sons Ltd is a long-established firm of tanner and leather dressers which also supplies the many sundries necessary for the bookbinder’s trade - headbands, endpapers, Japanese paper, tools, sewing materials and adhesives.

Falkiners is my main source of a wide range of high quality papers and cloths and also supplies a range of tools and equipment.

Finally I use F. J. Ratchford Ltd for covering materials and threads, tapes, glue, leather, brushes and the like.